Sunday, August 2, 2015

Venice, Italy: Vacation More as a Traveler & Less Like a Tourist

Rio San Lorenzo, Castello - Venice, Italy

Recently, I've read a lot about Venice, Italy, and tourism in the town that's played an important role in my life for close to three decades. Many writers, bloggers, journalists speak about what attractions you should avoid, where not to eat or what not to buy when visiting. They seem to paint the town I love as a tourist trap with few qualities to offer visitors or residents. Though there are some truths in these articles, I think by only pointing out the negative these travel experts have overlooked the many fine things Venice offers.

But first, let me agree that in recent years 'trinket shops' have steadily squeezed out some of Venice's authentic artisan shops. One reason why these establishments struggle to survive is because of the National government's decision to free up the market and stop controlling what type of shop opens up when another one closes. There was a time when the number of licenses issued to operate mask shops, glass shops, greengrocers, bakeries, butcher shops, hairdressers and all the rest were monitored to balance competition while providing adequate services. That's no longer the case. Please continue reading my post as published in The Huffington Post-Travel:

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  1. I think traveling like a traveler and not like a tourist is the thing that makes the difference between a nice trip and a great trip. As a traveler you can find such cool spots and places that you would have never found as a tourist.
    That is my moto for traveling, nice to see another fellow traveler that think the sane :)