Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 random things Italy has taught this native Southern Californian...

Today marks 27 years since I left Los Angeles and moved to Venice, Italy—a lot of changes have occurred in my life, on the inside and out. So, just for fun, I’d like to share a few of the random things Italy has taught this native Southern Californian:

Piazzetta San Marco, Venice

  1. Walk or take public transportation. They’re easy options that help your wallet, waistline and the environment.
  2. Unless there’s a deadline, it’s okay if you leave it for tomorrow.
  3. Traditional Italian lasagna is made with besciamella cream sauce and lots of Parmigiano cheese, not mozzarella.
  4. Neighborhood clock towers and church bells are great time telling instruments.
  5. As an alternative, a scoop of fresh gelato makes a healthy summertime meal.
  6. No other country designs and makes shoes, handbags or clothes like Italy. No, not even France!
  7. Stop an average Italian on the street and he or she will probably know more about the world’s current events than an average U.S. citizen—even when it comes to U.S. foreign affairs.
  8. Wine or water, and sometimes beer, are the only beverages that should be consumed with food.
  9. National Healthcare works well for everyone.
  10. No matter how trying the economy, how disorganized the government, Italians resiliently move forward and, somehow, make life work.


  1. I give thumbs up to all your 10 observations about my country.You are so fortunate to be able to live there..Enjoy Bella Italia..

  2. Thank you for your comments, Annamaria.
    I agree that I am fortunate to live here!

  3. Great list. Ill add one more: Italy has taught me a boat load of patience. :)

    1. La avventura,
      Isn't Italy a great tool to learn to be more patient?
      :) Marie

  4. I agree with Annamaria that you are a lucky woman! And I'll add that as airfares go up and up, Italy is still worth whatever it takes to get there.

    1. Hi, Alexa. Nice to hear from you.
      And I agree with you! Italy is well worth the price of an airplane ticket. I hope that we might meet on your next trip to Venice.
      A presto,