Thursday, October 24, 2013

Twenty reasons why you'll want to visit the Langhe in Piedmont, Italy.


1. Travel the 'Strada Romantica' through the sweet rolling hill sides of Barolo.


2. Eat fresh white truffles at Cascina Collavini: 

3. Stay in elegant surroundings like the Relais Poderi Luigi Einaudi  in Dogliani.

4. Call a country home, home.
5. Watch autumn colors wash over Dogliani.
6. Enjoy a splendid view from a splendid room.

7. Learn about and taste local wine.
8. Warm up in a sitting room that was once a stable.
9. Use a barrique as a table.

10. Indulge your senses in a plate of homemade gnocchi and fresh sliced white truffles.

11. Swim in a wine-bottle shaped pool.

12. Wander down country roads.
13. Enjoy breakfast in peaceful surroundings.

14. Gaze at the view from the top of Neive.

15. Wonder at nature's ability to astound.

16. Visit wine cellars in use since the 1800s.

17. Travel toVerduno and eat where the locals do: 

18. Prepare a light dinner with local fruit, wine and cheese.

19. Look up in Neive and see a grape covered balacony that would make Juliette jealous.

20. Say arrivederci to Barolo because you'll surely return.

  Where are the Langhe?  Buon viaggio!



  1. WOW! What amazing photos! I am so glad you experienced the beauty of Langhe! :) nice blog posts as always!

    1. Thank you, Anna.
      I did enjoy visiting the Langhe, and I shall return.