Sunday, April 28, 2013

Venice is flooded or you can’t find a bathroom in this maze of a city? There’s a new app for that!

Venice by night

I’ve been teaching English conversation classes for so long now that I’ve lost count of how many years it’s been….fifteen—perhaps sixteen. What I do remember are my students: university graduates, airline pilots, doctors, professionals looking to build their résumés, young entrepreneurs expanding their businesses, retirees taking advantage of their golden years, travellers or people just interested in languages and making good conversation.

One of these students is Marcello Gasparini, co-founder of Ar.Ma. Informatica  and creator of two NEW and very useful mobile applications: Water on the Venice Floor and W.C. Toilette in Venice. Both provide helpful information for tourists and residents in Venice, Italy.

Water on the Venice Floor shows real time data indicating which alleyways—calle— are dry and which are flooded during high tide—alta marea—in Venice. The app highlights areas on a map of Venice in RED for under water or GREY for dry. This app makes it easier to move around Venice during the unfortunate and all too frequent occurrences of high tide, and enables one to change their route to get where they need to be without getting lost or getting wet. And it’s FREE! Water on the Floor is available at and at  

The second application W.C. Toilette in Venice costs less than 2 euro, but might be even more useful. Anyone who has ever been to Venice knows these facilities are not easy to find. This app shows where one can find public toilets in Venice; if they’re open; what services they offer—baby change, handicap, etc. W.C. Toilette in Venice can be found at venice/id619813222?mt=8  or

Make your stay in Venice even more enjoyable by adding these to your smart phones, iPads or other mobile instruments…and then lend Marcello Gasparini, Ar.Ma. Informatica's hard working entreprenuer, a helping hand by spreading the word to friends, family and habitués of Venice.

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