Monday, October 17, 2011

A mix of Southern and Northern Italy--Matera: a Town of Stone & Gondolas: the symbol of Venice

Well I'm back from Matera, Italy and the Women's Fiction Festival. What an experience!

View from my hotel "Hotel in Pietra" in the Sassi area of Matera, Italy
 I came away from the magical "stone" city after having met, mingled with and befriended authors, agents and editors from across the globe. One of my favorite events was a fabulous brainstorming session with fellow writers which helped push me over a hurdle and reinforce an idea I was pondering. Since my return I've been polishing up my manuscript and getting it ready to send off to the literary agents and editors that liked my pitch. I couldn't ask for more.

 I'll still be checking in here from time to time, but most of my writing time in the next few weeks will be dedicated to my manuscript. It's an exciting moment and I feel fortunate that someone might just want to work with me and put Beneath the Lion's Wings on the road to publishing. There's a lot to do before that, so continue to send me good thoughts, and who knows it just might happen.

In the meantime here are a few photos taken in Matera and a link to a charming piece by Seth Doane from CBS Morning News...Gondolas: the symbol of Venice. The gondolier, Pierluigi Pila, is a close colleague of my husband's...he's also a huge fan of anything American. A presto!

Morning walk through Matera

Matera by night


  1. Great photos Marie, and all the best with your manuscript.

  2. Thank you Cathy. I see we have a couple of things in common. I'm now following your blog, too!

    A presto.