Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Playing Tourist at Home...

I've spent more than two decades living in a country that millions of vacationers come to every year. So, yesterday when my husband and I had the pleasure of showing some dear friends from Los Angeles around Venice, I decided to take a vacation, too—by staying home. I thought I’d take you along with us and post a photo or two a day over the next week or so. I took all the photos either from our water taxi or while on let's go on vacation...together!
View from the Canal
Venetian Intersection
Entrance to University of Ca'Foscari

Merging onto the Grand Canal
Little Red House-Grand Canal

Palazzo Balbi-Grand Canal
Seat of the President and Council of the Veneto Region

Approaching the Accademia

Looking Back and Reflecting 
Campo San Vio

La Dogana: Imagine what it was like to lower your ship's sails and go through customs here!
Santa Maria della Salute

Saints Todaro & Marco--I never tire of living this!
Ducking under the Ponte della Paglia 

Lining up behind a row of gondolas while looking up and "sighing" at the recently restored Bridge of Sighs.